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Autocares Aizpurua and Gesalaga they join the group of sponsors of Zarauzko Triatloia. The two entities have been collaborating with the test for many years, and this 33rd edition will be part of the sponsors’ staff.

Autocares Aizpurua is a family business of Usurbil, created more than 50 years ago. Since always, Aizpurua has been closely linked to sports. The entity works with several sports teams from different disciplines. In the Zarauzko Triatloia, they are responsible for transporting the participants from the pick-up point to Getaria, where the swim test begins. For Aizpurua it is very important to continue forming part of the Zarauzko Triatloia, and at the same time, to promote different sporting events of citizen initiative.

The company Gesalaga is a native of Zarauz, and was founded 40 years ago. As they say from the Gesalaga, the company has been growing decade after decade, at the same time as the Zarauzko Triatloia. They have collaborated with the triathlon race for many years, giving up the vans that play a fundamental role on the day of competition. In addition to collaborating with the Zarauzko Triatloia, Gesalaga also helps teams that compete in other sports such as football, rowing or handball. From the company zarauztarra stress that for them it is very important to continue being part of the Zarauzko Triatloia.











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