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The members of the Zarauzko Triatloi Ekartea, organizers of the Zarauzko Triatloia, want to introduce you to the following new cycling circuit.

The decision to change the circuit is to protect the safety of the participants as much as possible. To guarantee this protection, we had to make a circuit as concentrated as possible. The old circuit passed through two different zones, which made it very difficult for us to close many of the junctions.

On the other hand, as the hardness of the circuit is characteristic of our test, we decided to have a slope equal to that of the Aia Wall during the circuit. Thanks to the orography of our area, we have a new wall near Zarautz: the San Blas Wall.

The Zarauzko Trialoia cycling circuit will have 2 laps:

The first lap will be 32.2 km; After leaving the boxes on the Zarautz promenade, you will have to climb the top of Meagas. After the 180º turn in the town of Oikia, the participants must go to the Iraeta neighborhood of Zestoa. After going from Iraeta to Zumaia, the participants must follow the coastal route to Zarautz.

The second lap will be 47.8 kilometers; After climbing the top of Meagas from Zarautz, a 180º turn will be made and they will have to return to Zarautz. From Zarautz, the participants will depart to the top of San Blas and from here they will descend to the top of Meagas. The route to Zarautz will be the same as the first round. Once in Zarautz, they will have to climb to the top of Meagas and after a 180º turn, they will go to the boxes on the Zarautz promenade.

Circuit video: ZTRI22



In this circuit the participants will not cross the famous Aia Wall but we have another wall closer to Zarautz, the San Blas Wall.

The top of San Blas has a total length of 2.84 kilometers, with an average percentage of 7.9%. After passing the Zarautz clinic, the first slope immediately begins. Since this first slope is in Zarautz, we hope that many fans will come to encourage the participants. There are other steep slopes before reaching the San Blas Wall, but once past the hermitage of San Blas, the real hell begins.

We have a drop of 400 meters in the San Blas Wall, with an average drop of 15%. At the hardest point, it reaches a percentage of 20%. For this reason, it is recommended that bicycles have a light development (34-tooth chainring and 28 or 30-tooth sprocket).


They are both hard climbs. As you can tell, they both have 3 difficult parts to climb.

The climb to Aia is 2.47 kilometers and the climb to San Blas is 2.84 kilometers. Both have slopes of 18-20%. The Aia climb has an average of 8.5% over these 2.47 kilometres, while the San Blas climb has an average of 7.9% over these 2.84 kilometres.

The hardest part of the climb to Aia is the initial climb (Muroa) and the climb has almost no rest areas. The climb to San Blas, on the other hand, the hardest part (Muroa) is at the end and as you can see in the graph, there is a rest area in the center of the climb.











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