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The process will be online, from the webpage of the Basque Federation of the Triathlon.


The registration for XXX Triathlon of Zarautz will be open on the 13th of February.


  • The registration process will start at 10:00 in the morning, and will accept requests by a strict order of entry (first come first served basis).
  • The places assigned will be immediate, and should be paid one week later, from 20 to 26th of February.


Zarautz, on 26th of January, 2016. Next 13th of February at 10:00 in the morning, the registration period of the XXX edition of Zarautz Triathlon will be opened, which takes place on the 11th of June.


Details regarding the assigned 525 positions will be available online through the webpage of the Basque Triathlon Federation, or directly from It’s going to be one common call for all the athletes, and they can reserve their available place in the race, in the same order that they entered.


The price, which remains unchanged for some time now in spite of the long waiting lists, continues to be 100€.

For people who do not have one, an additional 2€ is required for rent of the yellow chip.

You have until the 11th of May to request a refund. Refunds will be 50% of the fee.


Information on the registration process


To make the registration online, each athlete has to provide their name and surname, email and a telephone number, and must accept immediately that this reservation is personal and non-transferrable. However, unlike previous years, payment will be required one week later, in the week from 20th to 26 of February.


Once your place is confirmed, all athletes registered will receive an e-mail on the 20th February with a link to make the required payment. If payment is not received before the 26th of February, your registration will be cancelled automatically.


People who do not receive confirmation will automatically go onto a waiting list.



License in force


To participate in the XXX edition of the Triathlon of Zarautz, you must be a federate. People who haven’t processed their federative license can register after the 13th of February, and must have everything in order before the race. For security reasons we will not be able to process a day license. The Triathlon of Zarautz also advise to enjoy the license for the whole year, now that the federative insurance will cover the training.


One of the features of the Triathlon of Zarautz is the great expectations obtained year after year. The participation in the dean race of the half distance is marked by red in the calendar of many athletes wanting to secure their place.










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