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ZTri2015 date

Get ready for the 29th edition of BH International Triathlon of Zarautz

As the tradition goes, the second Saturday of June (June 13th) the Basque Country will go crazy for the oldest half distance triathlon in Spain. 29 editions is a long history to tell.

Your History. ZTri2015

Looking for a new Queen

Once again, the top bike manufacturer BH as main sponsor will set their best sponsored triathletes on the starting list. A cash prize of 13.600€ is waiting for the top 5 males and females on the finish line.

The Scotch Catriona Morrison, winner for last 2 years in a row, and local Maider Gaztañaga, runner-up last year and winner in 2012, announced their retirement so it is time for younger international triathletes like Saleta Castro, bronze medal last year, to step up in the podium.

650 triathletes, a whole country cheering

The atmosphere in the village is the key and the roads will be full of people cheering for every single triathlete. After the 2,9km open water swim, the bike course will bring the participants up the Basque hills on a mix of heaven and hell. The steepest roads (up to a grade of 18%) will bring them to the limit but the crowd cheering will not let them quite until they reach back to boxes. The 20km running course along the village is the final step. Running next to the seaside, or through the bustling streets is a pleasure every single triathlete want to experience at least once in their lives.

“Pasta Party? Give me meat and cider!”

After the long day swimming, running and cycling all the participants are welcome to join to the official dinner in a cider house for free.

The entries will be opened soon (112€). All the information will be ready on the website and under the hashtag #ZTri2015.

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