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ZTri2015 Race Entries Open

Your History at 29th BH ZTri starts this Tuesday

650 individual entries will be available for the longest-standing Half Distance Triathlon in Spain.  Entries open at 10 am local time (GMT + 1:00) on Tuesday 3th of February.

ZTri2015 Entries open

All the entries will be selling online at the ZTri official website.

All the international triathletes need to go through “race entries” button. The international form will be in English to ease the process. The Participant must complete the Entry Form online and submit it along with its payment details as requested.

If you are not a member of the sport’s governing body yet, it is ok by now but you must be a member and show the officials some form of photo ID that prove that the race day.

The price is 112 Euros (including the timekeeping Chip)

The race sold out in few minutes last year so make sure you complete the entry form on time.

Offering one of the most stunning bike rides, BH International Triathlon of Zarauz is always an athlete favorite.

650 triathletes, a whole country cheering

The atmosphere in the village is the key and the roads will be full of people cheering for every single triathlete. This unique event will consist of a 2,9km open water swim from Getaria to Zarautz. The bike course will bring the participants up the Basque hills on a mix of heaven and hell. The steepest roads (up to a grade of 18%) will bring them to the limit but the crowd cheering will not let them quite until they reach back to boxes. The 20km running course along the village is the final step. Running next to the seaside, or through the bustling streets is a pleasure every single triathlete want to experience at least once in their lives.

Zarauz has excellent accommodation facilities, including luxury Hotels and a caravan site suitable for both touring caravans and motor homes. The area also offers a wide range of activities so is ideal for a full weekend with the family near the touristic San Sebastian.

 “Pasta Party? Give me meat and cider!”

The 112€ include the official dinner in a cider house, a Finisher t-shirt plus wristband and a well gifted race pack from our main sponsors.

Don’t miss your chance to compete in this epic event.

All the information will be ready on the website and under the hashtag #ZTri2015.

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